My areas of specialization are the philosophy of language and mind.

I am interested in human nature. I explore each of the traditional answers as to what is distinctive about our nature—our use of language and our sociality—constructively engaging with cutting-edge work in linguistics and psychology.

My dissertation focused on the meaning and use of demonstratives—words such as this and that—and joint attention—individuals attending together. These phenomena are related to each other, as well as to our distinctive linguistic and social behaviour, since demonstratives are often used to direct another’s attention to this or that object, sharing one’s thoughts or feelings about it.

In my current postdoc project I consider modern institutions and technology in order to shed further light on our social nature.


Here are my papers accepted for publication.

  • Clearing up Clouds: Underspecification in Demonstrative Communication. In press at Canadian Journal of Philosophy. (Journal/PhilPapers)
  • Joint Attention and Communication. In press at Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy. (Journal/PhilPapers)

Here are my papers in various stages of progress.

  • [A paper on the formal semantics of demonstratives and definite descriptions]. Revised and resubmitted.
  • [A paper on theory of mind and knowledge-first epistemology]. Under review.
  • [A paper on Nietzsche on justice]. Under review.
  • Speech Acts and Non-Ideal Philosophy of Language. Manuscript in Preparation.
  • Dynamic Semantics as Constraint Semantics. Manuscript in Preparation.