My name is Rory Harder. I am a philosophy PhD student at the University of Toronto. My main research interests are in philosophy of language and mind, and epistemology. My dissertation is on the meaning and use of demonstratives.

Here is my CV.

You can e-mail me at rory.harder [at]


For now, see my academia page.


As a course instructor, I have taught a third-year seminar on the philosophy of mind at the University of Toronto and am currently teaching a first-year introduction to formal reasoning and decision-making at Rutgers University.

As a teaching assistant at the University of Toronto, I have run tutorials and graded for second-year courses on metaphysics and epistemology, ancient philosophy, early modern philosophy, and probability theory; and a first-year introduction to philosophy course.

I worked for two years as the philosophy don at Trinity College in the University of Toronto.